List of Shows


  • Galerie du Passage, Paris 1998
  • Galerie du Passage, Paris 2006
  • Gallery Mark, NY 2007
  • Twentyfirst Gallery, New York 2012
  • Salon H, Parisand Galerie du
  • Passage, Paris ‘Solstice’ 2014
  • Ministère des Affaires étrangères for the Galerie du Passage and AD magazine 2014
  • The Salon,
 NY for 21st Gallery 2016 and 2018
  • Galerie du Passage and PAD Paris
 ‘Le voyage d’Orlando’ 2019
  • PAD London for Stefanidou Tsoukala Gallery 2022

Le Voyage d'Orlando


‘Le voyage d’Orlando’ 2019 at the Galerie du Passage, Paris and PAD Paris which imagines pieces collected by Virginia Woolfe’s Orlanda over time.



A reference to the magical gatherings from gallic times to celebrate the Winter Solstice, this series of stools circle around a tree of lights. Salon H Paris and Galerie du Passage, Paris ‘Solstice’ 2014.



Duchesse from the 2006 show at Galerie du Passage marked the beginning of theme of Orlando’s collections over time.

Detail of the tree of lights from ‘Solstice’ 2014

Detail of Eta – Eta Ori from Salon H, Paris 2014

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