Anne Corbiere, textile designer and weaver and Vincent Corbiere, sculptor, photographer and furniture-maker often collaborate to produce gallery shows and commissioned pieces. The duo is based in Anjou, France where they create textiles, furniture and sculptures both for their prolific individual practices and their collaborative work.

Anne and Vincent have always been passionate about history and about learning from and working with other cultures. Vincent’s initial training with the Compagnons de Devoir crafts guild and later his work as a classical guitar luthier, combined with Anne’s beginnings as a costumer in opera and film, brings a myriad of references and perspective to their creations. Travel to distant lands, collaborations with ethnic workshops and artisans have nourished their artistic vocabulary.

They have produced over seven collaborative shows since 1998, along with creating pieces together for select commissions and collections. Their collaborative creations are available through the Galerie du Passage in Paris, and Twentyfirst Gallery in NYC.

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